Sunday, September 9, 2007

A random poem...

Found this excellent poem on the internet. I have no idea who Kate Watkins Furman is, but her poem is beautiful!

The Holy Catholic Church

Oh, Bride of Christ, you're beautiful!
So radiant your face!
Crowned in love by holy priests,
Your raiment spun of grace.

Attended to by angel choirs
That ever sing your praise,
The Mother of the blessed saints
Who wisely chose your ways.

Protector of the Eucharist,
Beloved of the Queen,
The keeper of the Flame of Faith,
The door to truths unseen.

Pure Flower of the Spring of Life,
The soul's sweet lullaby.
Oh, God's most gracious gift to man
Through you how blest am I !

by Kate Watkins Furman

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