Wednesday, August 8, 2007

This may not be Christ-like of me, but...

This may not be Christ-like of me, but we'll just blame it on the sinful, weak nature I inherited because of original sin. Christ probably would not have posted this and made fun of a certain "Catholic" Senator from MA, but really, the guy deserves it for all the innocent babies he's allowed to be sucked out of their mothers' wombs. (compliments of picture of the day).


Joyful Catholics said...

I was a big GB fan for 5+ years. I met him twice...once in Dallas at the Hard Rock Cafe when he started the Rally for America, then we followed him to Tulsa, stopping in OK. City to visit the memorial of the bombing victims. I pray for him to come back home to the CC. I somehow 'knew' that was a pic from his site. He gets the greatest pics of the day.

I must say, every time ol' Teddy ever brings up "water" "rivers" and or "bridge(s)" in a gin-slurred rant on the Senate floor, I can't bite my tongue...I just have to yammer back into the air: "WHAT THE @$#% ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, YOU BIG OLD FATTY FAT-SO FACE?

I confess my strictly carnal and mischievous utterances are without Christian charity. They do tend to pour out of my mouth when I hear people in our govt. blather on as does he and so many others.

I'm a fully grown, 52 year old adult Catholic, who is still immature at times and who sins in thought word and deed like Teddy. I occasionally slip into rather pubescent retaliatory remarks when it comes to one Ted Kennedy's relentless whining and "hot air."

How can he claim to be a Catholic and yet have the voting record he does? It's simply mind-boggling. I must pray for him, and I have done so, but the horror of 4000 dead babies a day...

You're one sharp young woman with a lot on the ball. I'm glad you're blogging. Great balance of pithy, thoughtful and fun posts, too!

Sorry I rambled on so. Bless you!


omniscientthefirst said...

I adore Glenn! I used to listen to Glenn, Rush, Sean and Savage, but Glenn is the only one I really like a lot anymore. I've also met him... book signing at the Borders at the King of Prussia Mall near Philly and I've seen his On Ice tour and this past year's Christmas show. I also pray for him to come back to the Church. He's an intelligent guy and I think if he'd give some real thought to it and read some Church documents, he'd be back.

Speaking of Glenn... did you hear Gloatfest 2004? Amazing... though very lacking in Christian charity towards Michael Moore and the rest of 'em!

Joyful Catholics said...

Yes, I agree, he's very intelligent. We also saw his Christmas show here in Omaha 3 years ago or so. It was excellent for what it was, and my husband was impressed and actually quite moved by his forthrightness to speak the name of Jesus. I know his Catholic upbringing, though not sure what if any real formation he got, will stir his heart to Rome. He's got such deep love, and I can't see that he could buy so much of the Mormon teaching on Jesus not being Son of God, God in the flesh. He's more intelligent than that! I wonder if one big lure to Mormonism for Glenn might have been their adamant stance against alcohol since he was such a raging alcoholic for so many years?

I had him sign my book, The Real America in Omaha at Walmart and gave him an empty box of lard...I told him it was a long time to stand in line, and I got hungry!! ha ha Way back when he was still in Florida when I started listening to his show, he had the funniest bits on the Family that eats lard together, stays together. He really a comic genius. COME HOME Glenn!


omniscientthefirst said...

I agree that the Mormon stance on alcoholism may have been a big draw for him. Also, the focus on the family. However, Catholicism is, of course, also big on the family too, so I wonder if he missed that fact.

I'm guessing you've read his book then? If you remember the part about how he went about finding a church, I would guess maybe he skipped over the Catholic Church because he thought he knew what it was from his childhood. He often talks about how he can't deal with the fact that when he was young and asked questions about the faith, people often just told him, "It's a mystery" and left it at that. While there are some things we just have to accept as mysteries that we won't understand such as the Trinity, I think if he'd do some research, he'd find out that he can find more answers in Catholicism than he had been led to in his youth.

I also don't really believe that he'd possibly be able to believe some of the doctrines of Mormonism. Like you said, the man is extremely intelligent. That's why I agree with you that he may have chosen Mormonism for other reasons than the doctrines. I don't know though, when he talks theology, it sometimes sounds like he still has some Catholic in him. He was talking a little bit about the Trinity way back when he was talking about the DaVinci Code last year or the year before (whenever it was!) It kind of sounds like he has a more Catholic view of it than a Mormon view!!! There is still hope for him!!!

So, I guess you're big enough of a fan of his to consider yourself "a sick twisted freak" too?!

Joyful Catholics said...

I am most certainly a "Sick and most twisted Beck Freak!" I never went through any period of hate, never mind the white hot hate he used to say folks would go through. I got him within abou 5-6 seconds! He brought me to tears laughing for 5 years and to tears with his phenomenal essays. He is one brilliant writer, to boot!

You give me much hope for our youth, our Church and our country, OTF.

Bless you!

omniscientthefirst said...

No white hot hate for me either! I started listening a month or two before the '04 Election... they were in the middle of the Project Long Face waffle head thing that they used in Columbus, OH on Election Day. The guy (can't think of his name at the moment) was doing the voice box for the waffle head and was doing impressions of John Kerry and Tereza Heinz. I almost had to pull over because I was driving and dying laughing at the same time!!!

When Glenn signed my book, he signed it "To Kim, Ya Sick Freak!" I was SO excited!!!

The man is amazing!!! I love Stu too!!!

By far, the best Glenn show I think I have ever heard, other than Gloatfest 2004, could quite possibly be a day about a year and a half ago when they were talking about nursery rhymes being politically incorrect and they set up a "Rainbow Coalition" of gays, Jews, blacks, and a few others. They were pretending to be offended by the nursery rhymes. It was hilarious!